Vital Valentine Verses

Love is, today, the major thing at stake

Some may be frank but most are freaking fake

Many seem unable to apply their romanticization brake

Feigning ignorant of all that are potentially at stake

And all of it might not be for more than a piece of cake

Love can hardly thrive without spontaneous reciprocation

Never is it sustained outside the confines of that condition

Operationally, it could be a labile and reversible emotion

Even God’s love demands beneficiaries’ justification

Recalcitrant disobidience could exempt one from His benediction

Not unwise to be effusive in love, but recall that nothing on earth is indispensable

Even your own very life is feebly fleeting, and friable

Convince yourself that in the event of the very worst, you’ll be psychologically stable

Your emotional locus you must strive to hedge from passion associated trouble

Cerebration bonded celebration should be the day’s operational code

Expression of one’s affection shouldn’t be bereft of this cognitive mode

Let the succeeding months not reveal an unwanted uterine load

In place of contemptuous extravagance sing each other an ode

Better to indulge in nothing capable of riling your cardiac node

Step out of your way to show love to those outside the belt of your mutualism

Offer some hampers to those folks with hardship induced bruxism

Nothing prescribes that marking the day must be with your crush or opposite gender

On a day like this, even the most egregious of a scoundrel merits a heart that is meek & tender


By Dr Onah

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