Odita Amala

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Dr Odita Amalachukwu Okwukweka


Paediatric Neurology, Neurodevelopmental Paediatrics, Social Paediatrics

Notable works include:

  • Odita, A. O., Obichukwu, N. G., Egbuonu, I., Ugochukwu, E., Chukwuka, J. O., & Okeke, K. N. (2023). Prevalence and Socio-Demographics of Hepatitis B Surface Antiginaemia among Secondary school Children in an urban community Southeast Nigeria: A Cross sectional study : Prevalence and Socio-Demographics of Hepatitis B Surface Antiginaemia. The Nigerian Health Journal, 22(4), 339–347. Retrieved from https://www.tnhjph.com/index.php/tnhj/article/view/590
  • Igwe WC, Umeadi EN, Echendu ST, Odita A. Sociodemographic Factors Influencing Health Care–Seeking Behavior for Pediatric Epilepsy in Southeast Nigeria. J Neurosci Rural Pract. 2022 Jul; 13(3): 448–452.
  • Igwe WC, Umeadi EN, Odita AO, Echendu ST, Onah CE and Anyabolu EN. Primary care physicians’knowledge and approach to pediatric epilepsy care in Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital, Nnewi. International Journal of Biomedical Research 2021; 12(10): e5674. DOI: 10.7439/ijbr.v12i10.5674 Available from: https://ssjournals.com/index.php/ijbr/article/view/5674

Ongoing research include

  • Determinants of health-care seeking behaviour and quality of life of children with epilepsy in Nigeria
  • Knowledge and Management of Neurodevelopmental disorders among Nigerian Medical doctors
  • Histopathological profile of nervous system tumours in Anambra State Nigeria

For more information, please see: https://cirs.unizik.edu.ng/dashboard/index

Contact details:

[email protected]

Department of Paediatrics,
Faculty of Medicine
Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka