As a paediatrician, you come in contact with patients and their caregiver salmost on a daily basis.

A. Outline the 3 types of doctor-patient relationship.
B. List 10 rights of the patient
C. Enumerate 5 duties you owe your patients
D. Mention 4 responsibilities of a patient to the health facility.
E.List 5 things that will constitute misconduct in your relationship with your patients.

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Orals 1

A 14 year old male, presented with left-sided parietal headache, vomiting, diplopia, altered consciousness and inability to walk. On examination, he had RIGHT sided hypertonia and hyperflexia. His GCS was 12/15. On further questioning, he was said to have had a fall two weeks ago.

A. What is the most probable diagnosis
B. List 2 differential diagnosis
C. List 8 additional history that will aid diagnosis
D. List 4 additional examination findings
E. List 3 diagnostic investigations
F. Outline 4 management principles.

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